The Dancer

"This piece of artwork Cindy painted, represents a special moment for me as a contemporary dancer. Capturing a moment of raw emotion my body was expressing during my final graduation exam, for which I am proud to have won the coveted award of “Best Choreographer”. Cindy's incredible talent shows her use of exquisite brush techniques that outline my motion as the dancer in the center of the piece, this is juxtaposed against a background with a range of cool color tones to set the mood and depict the passionate emotions I was feeling on stage during that sequence of the dance.  The way the colors are presented on the canvas draw the viewer in as if they were there at the time of the performance. Cindy has perfectly represented this special moment for me, and the painting always manages to catch the eye of anyone passing by who views it".

-Demi Williamson

Heart in Tennessee Valley

"Cindy was touched the day we approached her with this idea, and had her heart set on the project throughout the entire time. She took plenty of time prior to the project to ask us lots of questions to understand exactly what we had in mind (from the colors to the 'feel' of the painting, and the meaning behind the landscape).

She kept us posted on the timeline and how the painting was progressing. Finally, she planned a quiet time on the weekend when she could reveal the painting that was hanging in her studio. As evidenced by the tears in her eyes she was emotionally touched as the painting was revealed and the excitement was contagious.

Her and her husband went out of their way to deliver the painting to our home and properly hang it before my husband arrived home from a trip, so I could surprise him. It was a very special experience".

"My husband and I are 100% pleased and amazed at how perfectly it fits in our home! Every day, we take a moment to admire it and re-live the hike we used to love so much! It's touching how emotional it makes us feel. We are becoming more and more attached to it as time passes".

-Jill & Peter

Calming Breezes & Garden Play

"I recently commissioned Cindy to produce a number of pieces for my newly refurbished apartment. Having a long held belief that a home should be one’s sanctuary, I was seeking something special to complete the overall aesthetic, my chosen fixtures and furniture had begun to create.  

Having previously viewed Cindy’s work, I had long been impressed by her ability to capture and interpret from a unique perspective. The pieces she created for my home and office not only met my expectations, but also far surpassed them. After consultation I felt that she understood what I was seeking, all the while encouraging me to embrace something more than I could have imagined for myself. 

I readily recommend the talents and services of this artist for anyone seeking a personalized and unique piece of artwork to adorn the walls of their special space".

-Meg Bowmaker

Bright Sky's & Moody Blues

Thank you Cindy, 

"We were looking forward to seeing our much anticipated art pieces we had commissioned by you, for placement in our office reception and home entrance. We are thrilled with the pieces.

Upon commencement we discussed at length the proposed color palette and theme, however the paintings that we have been presented with have truly exceeded our expectations. Throughout the entire process you demonstrated competency, skill, professionalism, and above all a creative dedication and energetic commitment to your work. 

We look forward to supporting your work and following your progress with your future endeavors in the art world".

-Christine Moran & Marcus Kotsoglo

Transformation of an Original Image

"I originally bought this painting because I was so taken by it's sheer size and it fit well with my budget (being a mass produced one from China) and I loved texture in it . . . after wrestling it home with the help of a friends truck, I hung it on the wall . . . I hated it!!!

The colors were all wrong and I didn't like the way it was in 3 distinct sections. So I called Cindy who had done commission's for me before, to ask for advice. After some detailed discussions on exactly what I wanted the painting to look like; the colors, the feel and points of emphasis, we decided on the palette. She had to come to my home and basically repaint the whole thing. After 4 fairly long sessions it was done! I am so ecstatic with the results! She managed to transpose my thoughts right onto the canvas, and it is exactly how I wanted it to look.

I have had so many positive comments from friends and even interior designers, who I frequently work with. I only wish I had more walls so I could hang another of Cindy's paintings up".