“Painting is another word for feeling, for communicating the needs of the heart, the soul without the limitation of words. Each painting is a reinterpretation of life, reflecting all that is harmonious and beautiful in the world, an opening to love. The latter act is the propelling force behind my work.”

Cindy Parsley


Meet Cindy Parsley

Australian artist Cindy Parsley creates artworks that are a poetic symmetry between abstraction and figuration, reflecting a harmonious reinterpretation of the world around her. Drawing on the essence of a unified human spirit, each image is infused with energy and enthusiasm.

With pleasing flexibility, Cindy can switch styles as often as she switches subjects making the most of each medium’s abilities. Often crossing traditional aesthetic boundaries, to deliver a message taut with symbolic meaning.

Cindys landscapes, full of exuberant sunlight zero in on a small part of the terrain, placing the viewer in a personal environment. Her depictions of people are mini-narratives with emotionally wrought moments are their centre. While her abstract works range from bold and bright to a distinctly soft and blended style.

She uses a variety of mediums and techniques on paper and canvas building up scenes and images with vibrant forms that emphasise atmosphere and texture. Cindy’s overall body of work balances abstraction with the descriptive and is marked by replete compositions and a bright rounded palette. 


Publications + Awards

2017 New Braunfels Art League, TX USA – Art Competition, “What Do You See?” Non-objective & Abstract; Awarded First prize in category of Acrylic & Oils with the painting; Breaking Through

2017 Global Art Awards, Dubai – Top 5 Finalist with the painting; Enigmatic World


2017 ARTisSpectrum – Volume 36, page 9


2016 The Best Modern 2016 Modern and Contemporary Artists – For Stylistic Value

2016 ARTisSpectrum – Volume 35, page 65

2014 San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles – Awarded artist of the month, NTC Foundation @ Liberty Station March 2014 with the painting; Stepping Out



2017 Collective Exhibition, Portal to Enigma – Agora Gallery NYC April 25 – May 16. Read more

 2016 Spectrum Art Basel, Miami 2016 Contemporary Exhibitor November 30 - December 4

2016 Art Monaco, Monte Carlo Monaco Contemporary Exhibitor October  27 - 30

2016 Carrousel du Louvre Art Fair, Paris.  Contemporary Exhibitor October 21 - 23

2016 Contemporary Exhibitor ART EXPO 2016 MILANO  - September 8th - 15th

2016 Collective Exhibition, Unbound Perspectives - Agora Gallery NYC August 26th - September 15th