My Vision is:

To create quality works of art unique to my visual voice, inspiring within the human spirit a sense of beauty and connection with the world.

My Mission is:

  • To seek first to understand.
  • To develop both my art, and myself, so that I may always create toward my highest potential.
  • To encourage and nurture artistic expression and expansion in others.
  • To increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation for visual arts across all ages and cultures.
  • To share my gifts with the world, by involving myself in activities and events that give back to those that surround me.

My Art Explorations:

  • Representation Agora Gallery NYC 2016, 2017
  • Resident Artist NTC Foundation, San Diego CA 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Certified Expressive Arts Practitioner 2013
  • Private Workshops – Robert Burridge, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016
  • Certificate of Contemporary Art & Craft Central TAFE, WA Australia 2011
  • Private Commission’s in Perth WA 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Claremont School of Art, Claremont WA 2010
  • Community Art Center, Nedlands WA 2009, 2010


Getting to Know Me: My Artist Statement

Since I was a child, gazing from my bedroom window in wonder and delight at the array of colors and changing shadows our fragrant orchard trees displayed, I have been drawn to all things creative, unique, beautiful, and spiritual.

There came a time when I began to realize how happy and deeply contented I felt while in the process of creating: whether it was decorating a room, cooking up a delicious new concoction in the kitchen, arranging a vase of exquisite flowers, planning and crafting gifts, drawing endlessly, or painting with a fiery determination to bring life to an image, or emotion, didn’t seem to matter. I felt deeply uplifted and at peace.

Since having made the decision to temporarily leave my friends and family in Australia, and move to the USA my world has been turned upside down. (literally)

The experience of being uprooted from a settled and full life, along with the subsequent feeling of isolation and loneliness it bought, has been both my greatest joy and my deepest sorrow. However, I am eternally grateful for this experience, as it has afforded me a considerably deeper insight into our “human experience”, pushing me to reconsider all things in a new light. My decision in 2013 to fulfil a lifelong dream of becoming an artist, while natural and synergistic with my nature, was not a simple one.

A longing for the freedom to be who I am, has now become a reality for me. While not without its sacrifice’s or challenges. This choice has forced me to face many personal demons head on! Plunging in, I have struggled through fears of imminent failure, insecurity and considerable resistance. Having set a goal, much energy was spent arguing with my internal relentless voice of perfectionism. 

I’m told; “out of pain comes growth” and I have learned much-mostly, the importance of not taking life so seriously. This has been re-presented to me over and over until; at last, I have begun to settle into a place of letting go, of permission, and of self-trust. I read a short while ago that the act of being an artist (no matter what form) is one of extreme daring, an uncloaking of one’s vulnerability for the world to see. I now wholeheartedly agree, and it never gets easier.

As I delve into my paintings there will always come a time during the process when I am confronted with multiple thoughts and a gambit of simultaneous emotions-ranging from freedom to joy to pain and hopefully, to one of acceptance. Every painting contains a piece of me, a gift of energy from the self that is eternal, as if an emergent soul-cloaked in paint-flows onto the surface, allowing a new life to be.

In this increasingly complex world, it seems our minds seek a respite, a space that endeavors to move or transport us, creating a window or opening to another possibility. Perhaps reflecting a mirror of some tiny part of the self. I am always gently seeking to find that place of deeper understanding, of love, compassion, relationship, exploration, fun and play. As an artist I am tasked to share this with all of you in some small way, and my hope is that through personal discoveries, as I travel this path, your life may also be enriched.

So, please go ahead: feel and enjoy the sometimes-subtle energetic interplay between yourself and my art. Know the intention of it is to uplift, surprise and delight you! Encouraging an intensity of responsiveness, empathy and acceptance, along with myriad of vibrant colors to harmonize and beautify your world.