I remember a time as a small child held captivated as I gazed from my bedroom window in wonder and delight at the array of colours, the changing shapes and shadows our fragrant orchard trees displayed. The afternoon became evening as my own private show unfolded. Having no words to explain this experience an inner desire to find alternative expression felt instinctive. Out of many such similar childhood moments my life’s dream of becoming an artist was born. A sense of wonder, of curiosity and of uncovering the deeper why’s and what’s in life has found me consistently drawn toward all things creative, beautiful and spiritual.

People often ask; “What inspires your work”?

I have been led down many paths in life. Some wonderful, others deeply painful. Yet each one has afforded me a deeper understanding of the self, and what it means to be human. Out of pain comes growth and I have learned much-mostly the importance of not taking life so seriously.

Unfailingly, life’s most challenging events have a way of pushing us right to the heart of things. To re-examine beliefs and viewpoints against a new backdrop, and to embrace the uncertainty that arises. Seasons of chaos and upheaval are often the only precursor in realigning the self once more with what is authentic and deeply valued.

So, in this way life itself is an inspiration for my work. Drawing on the energy of a unified human spirit of connectedness, the world around me is an infinite source of creative motivation. Nature, people, culture, colours, and often pure emotion are the impetus out of which my inspiration is derived.

Endeavoring to seek out all that is elevating, my paintings are a reflected view of all that is harmonious and beautiful in the world, an opening to love. The latter act is truly the propelling force behind my work.

People often ask; “Why do you paint”?

I paint to communicate, to breathe life and form into an emotion, to share an alternate view of life and of universal energy. In doing so my deepest wish is for my work to lift another’s spirit in some way. For me, painting is another word for feeling, for communicating the needs of the heart and soul without the limitation of words. Painting for me is a way of expressing love.

Along this pathway of artistic expression, I have made many discoveries, one of which has been to personally experience the impact environment has on our mood, our energy and therefore our overall health.  We are best served by surrounding ourselves with energy that inspires, that is joyful and congruent.

The challenge of capturing and then translating the essence of loveliness in whatever form is deeply fulfilling to me. The experimenting, the curiosity at what will come forth. The challenge of problem-solving, the way paint moves and flows, a brush, a palette knife, my fingers and hands in paint. Losing myself in the flow of creativity is where I feel most rejuvenated and heartened.

In today’s increasingly complex world our minds need a respite, a space that can rejuvenate, transport us, opening a view to new possibilities and connections otherwise hidden, unseen or forgotten. Art calls to you the viewer beckoning a conversation, inviting mutual recognition of some part of the self. 

On this journey of paint and play, I am tasked to share my creative explorations with you. My intention is to inspire a sense of responsiveness that delights you and enriches your world. So, please go ahead; Watch, feel and enjoy the sometimes-subtle energetic interplay between yourself and my artwork.

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