Cindy Parsley, Contemporary Painter. Born in Perth, Western Australia.

Cindy has lived and worked the majority of her life in Australia. Having discovered a love of travel in her teenage years, she has travelled often throughout her life. Until recently Cindy lived and worked in the United States, where she split her time between Austin, Texas and San Diego, California.

Her interest in forming representations of the world around her came early in life. As a child, she found herself asking questions that had not occurred to her siblings or the adults in her life. These contemplations were the first hint of her creative spirit, the beginning of a lifelong search to discover the “deeper what’s and why’s”.

In 1999 Cindy left a 15-year dental career to open her own business as a life and professional coach. Soon after, she began volunteering at the local children’s hospital spending time with young children too sick to be in school. Throughout this time, she sought private art classes to re-engage her life-long dream of becoming an artist. All of the above culminated into a deeper understanding of human nature.  Inspired, she committed to full-time arts training at TAFE Western Australia. Since that time, she has continued to work toward her life’s passion: Creating.

Cindy describes herself as a spiritual person, drawing on the energy of a unified human spirit. Deriving her inspiration from nature, people, and often-pure emotion. She endeavours to seek out all that is harmonious and beautiful, an opening to love. The latter act is the propelling force behind her work.

Though the transition from one continent to another was challenging, her uncertainty has been reborn as confidence and surety of purpose. Engaging in the world of expressive arts in 2013 her artistic expression solidified into an increased sense of freedom.

Largely self-taught Cindy enjoys working with acrylic and mixed media on canvas, where she balances vibrant forms with layers and textures building up highly saturated images which burst with expression. She paints landscapes, figurative, semi-abstract and abstract, all of which are emergent with enthusiasm. Currently, she is exploring a new technique; splash art, where ink, watercolour and acrylic are poured onto layers of rice paper.

Believing that painting is another word for feeling, for communicating--without the limitation of words—Cindy’s work has evolved through her personal experiences. Her reflected view of the world and its universal energy infuses her art, as she seeks to translate and share an alternate view of life.  Artistic expression has provided a pathway to many new discoveries.

Cindy has relocated back to Perth, Western Australia. Cindy was represented by Agora Gallery, Chelsea NYC 2016-2018 and her artworks are in numerous private collections.