I am thrilled to present you with my latest collection of works entitled; Imprints.  

Since my first introduction into this exciting method of pouring ink and paint onto layers of rice paper, I was completely enthralled as I watched the magic happen before my eyes. The technique of Splash ink holds its origins in the 8th century in the Tang Dynasty, where its evolution continued into the 1960s and the influence of abstract expressionism impacted.

These painting’s express a more contemporary view of nature and the world around me. Abstract forms are revealed in an array of colours, from subtle and soft to vibrant and hard. Lines and marks appear with ease as landscapes, animals, faces, and flowers emerge. Yet other images are more reminiscent of spirit, of energy and of the emotion resonating within.  

Serendipity abounds as the blending of East + West meets with a personal vision to energize each pouring. Invariably when I peel back the layers and the paintings are revealed, a deep sense of gratitude arises. Like footprints in the sand, I bear witness to all the energies infused from life’s experiences that filter and blend across paint and paper in a willingness to display themselves. 

As in life, layer upon layer the traces of our mark making remain. Some intentional, others unintentional as life mirrors us back to ourselves the oneness of all things. In the silence of echoes. In the joy of presence and in the magic of new worlds yet to be revealed.  

For me creating in this way involves setting an intention, letting go and then trusting the process. With limited control over a specific outcome, spontaneity and curiosity are invited to open, and as my imagination roams free a sense of fun and play arises. Capturing the wow, the wonder, the essence of beauty and harmony out of which inspiration flows.